Danny Ash creates gender bending, genre defying and liberal performance that uniquely mixes circus and cabaret with drag, sideshow, boylesque, comedy, theatre, physical performance and clown. He has a mission to promote the queer and create anarchic work that promotes sexual liberation and freedom from labels and definition.

We may be living in ‘modern’ times but Danny feels there is still a great deal of work to be done to escape prejudice and societal boundaries and always has this focus in his circus work: Danny aims to promote universal acceptance with a particular focus on gender play and sexuality. He is LGBTQS focused and anywhere in between.

Danny produces circus and cabaret that is political, rebellious, risque, camp and outlandish and believes Cabaret and Circus are the best art forms to use to escape from the norm, from the everyday and are catalysts for change that are accessible to the widest range of backgrounds.

He wants to bring thought provoking circus and cabaret to the people, to the pubs, to the streets, to the suburbs that promotes queerness, freedom and liberation and make a lasting essential change.
Putin 7_ Danny Ash